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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020
Cancellation and returns policy

Cancellation and returns policy

Return Policy

If for any reason you withdraw in relation to any kind of purchase please return it as soon as possible and in any case within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt and we will be happy to replace it or credit you all or part of it amount you bought it.

Necessary condition -in any case- is the returned item to be unused and to be in excellent condition, with all its parts, of the original documents that accompanied it during its delivery (retail receipt / Shipping slip or Invoice / Bulletin Shipping), but also the accompanying forms of the return, etc.), as well as its packaging and other contents in intact and excellent condition (eg box, styrofoam, nylon)

In any case, it is pointed out that the shipping costs charged to the customer for sending and delivering his order to him, are not refundable. In addition, the customer is charged with the cost of returning the product, where it is defined, after consultation of the customer with the store. No claim can be made by the customer and / or a third party involved in relation to the payment of shipping costs that will be required for the return of the product beddo gr.

In case of return of the products and provided that they have been previously received and checked by, The credit of money to the customer will be done diligently by credit to the credit / debit card or to the account with which the customer made the specific purchase (based on the customers statement) and for the details of which he will inform

In case the products are returned damaged or incomplete, has no obligation to receive them or has the right to receive them and request compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and any of it. cause of its damage, and to proceed unilaterally and without any other in total or partial offset of its claim against the customer. In general, in order to complete the return process, regardless of the justification, the customer must have fully repaid his debt to, both in terms of the cost of the item and the shipping charges.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal - return
The return and withdrawal rights provided above do not apply in the following cases:

The product has been manufactured according to the consumers specifications, ie it is personalized (to order).